Specific Case

Medical Examiner District: 9
Their Case Number: 2006-01235
Date of Death or Discovery: 2006-10-02
Estimated Age of Decedent: 36-45
Presumed Race: White
Gender: Female
Estimated Height: 4'-5'
Estimated Weight: unknown
Additional Details:

Location Found: In the woods near SR 423 and W.D. Judge Dr. in Orlando

Hair: Medium length, dark blonde to light brown hair

Eyes: No details available

Facial Features: No details available

Tattoos: No details available

Scars, Surgeries and Other Dental and Medical Information: Healed nasal fractures, healing maxilla fracture, injury to right shoulder, healed fracture of right distal ulna, healing rib fractures, compression fracture of first lumbar. These injuries are suggestive of repeated physical abuse. Very poor dental health with crowding of the anterior teeth, no restorations.

Jewelry: None

Clothing and Shoes: Purple sweatshirt (size medium)

Personal Effects: None

Other Details: Probably deceased for approximately 2-4 years before discovery. Dental comparison available.

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